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Open Door Policy - 1/12/14

Happy 2015, Oklahoma!  I hope each of you had a very safe and enjoyable celebration to ring in the New Year.  Most tend to reflect on the previous year during this holiday and hope for a more pleasant time ahead.  I can honestly say that the past year was one of the most enjoyable times in my life as I had the opportunity to close out my state legislative career and travel across Oklahoma as I ran for governor.  Through the year, I had the chance to renew acquaintances and make new friends, see the great diversity of our state and learn more of our history and culture.  I have absolutely no regrets about my decision and am thankful to all who encouraged me, supported the effort and were a part of this great adventure!

As we enter a new year, I certainly do not want to lose sight of the goals our campaign inspired in so many around our state.  We as a society often think fondly of the days gone by from our youth.  People wish for things to be like the olden days when life was simpler.  I instead have a strong hope for the future and want to find ways to improve upon the great things already following the right path, while correcting the problems which trouble us.  This cannot happen in one election cycle or even a short period of time.  Many issues afflicting Oklahomans have become generational and we must renew our efforts in 2015 to move up the long line of lists in which we find Oklahoma lingering around the bottom. 

There is much work to be done in the place we call home if we want to see better schools, improved infrastructure, increased job opportunities and an enhanced quality of life for all Oklahomans.  The passion displayed by so many of our supporters cannot falter with simply falling short in one election.  The change we want to see in our world will not be easy, so we must resolve to dedicate ourselves to the task ahead.  Simply put: if we want to see a better Oklahoma, we are going to have to work hard for that vision.

I fully intend to be active in guiding that change.  I am not certain what the future holds for me, but I hope to count you in this effort to improve our state and demand better from those in political office, from the local communities all the way to Washington, D.C. (and especially our own state capitol).

On Election Night, I called for Oklahomans to work to improve our state by getting involved.  I do not want to see the momentum and passion of those who were active fade until the next election.  We as civically-minded Oklahomans must encourage those around us to be more engaged, but we must also remain strong in our resolve and do the work now to see a brighter future for our state.

In closing, my main New Year’s resolution is to continue my work for a better Oklahoma.  If we work together, we can overcome the obstacles and improve upon our positives.  I need your help to make this a reality for 2015.  I hope you will resolve yourself for the year ahead and for our great state!